Latest project:

The Opening of small IoT Applications

A simple and cheap real time location system implemented in a GoKart club in the outer Copenhagen.

nBite philosophy

nBite is worth learning more about if you are interested in new it-projects, find out which technogies is most suitable for your start-up idea or wants to find help in order to kick-start your start-up concept. The philosophy of nBite is not to work for you but with you. We have deployed various projects throughout the years, with various results and only wants to learn and deploy more. Learn more about us, and we might change the world together one day.

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Work philosophy

Our company nBite consist of two fullstack developers: Emil Haugaard and Oscar Rindel Peulicke. Our focus is to give daylight to as many innovative projects as possible, by creating fast and scaleable proof of concepts. A project normally consist of three main phases:

  • Idea phase

    An idea can come unplanned or by deductively tackle an existing problem. The ability of seeing and exploring potentials in ideas before a proof of concept, is something nBite can help everyone with.

  • Proof of concept phase

    This is where our technological experience and skillsets gives us an upperhand. We always create proof of concept with the newest technology available.

  • Exit / scaling phase

    If the proof of concept phase shows promising results, we already build a ready to go application for scaling that the ideaholder can take out to the world with or without us.


Our Proud Projects


This is additional information regarding nBite ApS that is important to understand before making a collaboration with us.

Thinks to consider before reaching out to us

In any IT-project the communication with the developer is crucial. Realizing that there is a first state in your project, that does not need any help from the software developer, is realizing that you as the idea holder can create visuals that can clarify your idea, without any skill prerequisites. The very point of creating visuals is to save expenses in the long run, and to share your idea such that the developer can help you in the best way he can. The key to the projects first-state success lies more on the preparation of the idea holder, than the developers know-how.

If you can provide visuals of the whole application together with an easy understandable navigation in your application (can be drawn on a piece of paper!), both you and us can leave the meeting with the same understanding of the project.

However, you can always call us for a short chat or guidance:

Mobile: +45 27 92 32 39
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A very important factor in nBite ApS is that its a company with employees still under education. This doesn't affect the deadlines, since the deadlines is sat beforehand due to this factor.

A positive sidenote to being students is the network we can provide to the companies we work with, if more developers is needed in the collaboration with nBite or if companies seek new developers to hire.

Pricing (non-partnership)

We normally set a fixed price if the project (or product) is well-defined beforehand. However, the problems hardness might be hard to foresee and is thereby forced to set an hourly pay as normal consultant work.

The fixed price is sat according to the final product and will be sat by nBite ApS before developement begin (the start dialouge with nBite ApS is not charged). If a hourly pay need to be sat the rate is normally 550 DKK pr. hour (can vary under special circumstances).

Time mannagement

Since all employees in nBite ApS is under education, some periods during the year might affect the deadlines of the projects. Especially exams periods affects the number of projects nBite ApS can work on during theese weeks.

We normally distrubuted the time such that a lot of work is done during vacations, weekends and evenings.


This is something offered by nBite ApS if your project creates mutually beneficial factors.

For more information call +45 27 92 32 39.

Always happy to talk

+45 27 92 32 39