We should never stop learning together

nBite has existed in 4 years with the mantra of constantly learning. Cutting-edge technologies change faster and faster which is why we dedicate each other to keep up with the pace. We are founded by two competitive programmers and value the scientific approach more than anything else. That is why we don't believe in good ideas, but in good execution.

Emil Kristian


Emil holds a BSc in Software Technology and is currently finishing his MSc in Mathematical modelling with focus on operations research. Emil started his career in a business analytics company called Kapacity. He co-founded nBite with Oscar Rindel Peulicke with the passion of being involved in the entrepreneurship world.

Emil has over his time in nBite developed a strong understanding for project management, and helps our partners to develop the right things for the specified need. Emil specially endorses lean thinking and strongly believes that if you can't explain something in a simple way then you simply don't understand it well enough.

Oscar Rindel Peulicke


Oscar started to program when he was 10 years old which resulted in coding his own physics engine by the age of only 18. He achieved a bronze medal in the BALTIC OLYMPIAD IN INFORMATICS and a 21st Place at Northwestern Europe Regional Programming Contest together with his co-founder Emil Kristian. Oscar holds a BSc in applied mathematics and is currently finishing his MSc in Mathematical modelling with focus on dynamical systems.

Oscar is the wizard of nBite and performs what nBite calls "Oscar Magic". If you ask Oscar what "Oscar Magic" means he would probably answer: "solving a problem". But for the rest of the company and you, it means: "finding a solution to a problem, we haven't even considered".

Holger Rindel-Rasmussen


Holger is the youngest member of the nBite team. He is currently on his BSc in applied mathematics and has been working in nBite along with his studies. He has participated in the danish physics olympiad and can proudly call himself a Dungeons & Dragons gamemaster. Holger is a extremely thorough programmer that thinks a lot about the best solution to a problem before implementing.

His time in nBite has made him very independent based on the variety of tasks he has been challenged with. Holger can call himself a full stack developer and has in the age of 20 already managed a larger software project for one of nBite's clients.

David Ajit Kirpekar-Sauer


David is the newest member of the nBite team. He holds a BSc in mechanical engineering and has participated in national finals of the physics and chemistry olympiads. David is half german which strongly correlates with his need for efficiency. He is currently finishing his MSc in mathematical modelling where he has specialized in mathematical programming.

David finished his nBite training in less than 2 weeks and worked with his first nBite company as lead developer shortly after that. He has proved that intelligence is defined by the ability to learn and not what you learn.